RGV and Satyendra – Birds of a feather

After reading this line written by RGV’s friend Satyendra “…and when published it will alter the very direction of Western Civilization”  the first thing that comes to my mind is, empty vessels make most noise and birds of a feather flock together (RGV and his friends). Will all due respect to Satyendra, I would be just glad if it alters even his own self forget Western Civilization.
I am not trying to under-estimate Satyandra however, if  I am on going to write such ‘direction changing’ books, I would wait for it to first complete, get published, be accepted as a ‘landmark’ and then one may perhaps won’t even have to make such tall claims.
Its like Julian Assange saying “I am going to change the direction of Journalism world over” 2 years before registering wilileaks domain name. He would only end of being the butt of all jokes, until he does it. Only time will tell if Satyendra’s claim will be a damp squib like RGV’s Classic book that I don’t even remember the title of, neither do I know what language it was published in.

The above is in response to RGV’s following post


For all those who want to know and interact with Satyendra here are his current details.

He is working in the Dept. of Applied Mechanics at Gitam University in Vizag. His email id is satyensunk@yahoo.com. To my question on what he is upto, his answer in his own words..

“I am working on two books..one is titled ‘Seventeen Degrees North’ (the tale of an Indian beach) which is about the exploration of a 33 km sector of the vizag coastline which will constitute not only of a scientific analysis of it but in addition it will also contain a multitude of philosophic, psychologic and literary musings with regard to it. The second book that I am writing is titled ‘De Profoundis’ which will analyse both philosophically and psychologically all the emotions of man such as Greed, Love, Lust, Joy, Death, Hate, Revenge, Work, Reserve, Friendship etc and when published it will alter the very direction of Western Civilization”