RGV and his gimmicks

RGV recently wrote about making a “zero budget” film on his blog. Following is my response to that.
“Zero Budget” is a joke RGV. Well you have become a joke yourself now-a-days.
Tell me this:
Will the editing equipment be available for FREE?
Will the location be available for FREE?
Unless Canon is going to give you the THEREE CAMERAS for FREE, can anybody get those cameras for FREE?
The most important aspect in filmmaking is the story and writing of the story, then comes pre-production which you have conveniently not talked about. Making your film only “seems” to be done in “record time”. You have written about the production schedule without mentioning the pre-production work that you are presently occupied with. And you could have very well be occupied with pre-production for this for the last 2 years.
Also you are not the first one to attempt this. Earlier it was Blair Witch Project and recently Paranormal Activity is ample example. You have probably seen 127 by Danny Boyle. A film like that can very well be made with 5 people and 5 people crew with 2 or 3 cameras almost 1/2 locations.
Here is what I guess and I hope I am wrong.
Your film is perhaps going to be a horror flick, confined to one one or 2 locations nothing nobody has tried before.
I really admire your genuine efforts to come up with genuine gimmicks about your films than coming up with genuine films – that people and audience expect from you.
Sadly you turned out to be a better businessman than a better filmmaker. Make films Sir, leave the “critics” to write about how your film is made in record time, with no budget, no crew, no script, no story, no audience….
Wish you the best!