Additional thoughts on “What’s in a Title?”

Let us look at the following title and its correlation with the film:

Kaho Na Pyaar Hai
Qyamat Sey Qyamaat Tak
Kagaz Key Phool
Munna Bhai MBBS
Chachi 420

If we think carefully, we realize that there is not necessarily a quality of ’summation’ of the ENTIRE film in the title.

All I am trying to say is, lets not judge the book by its cover. First lets read it, understand it, try to comprehend it and then re-read it again. Those who read books it will realize that re-reading often add another dimension in understanding the book. One reason for that is that the anxiety of completing the book is over and now you are at ease with the characters in the book. The same can be said for films. After watching a film a number of times, we in a way get “into” the characters and then sometimes like certain things that we disliked in the first viewing and the opposite if also true.

Now, the West, especially HOLLYWOOD has a tendency to summarize the film its title, for example Psycho, Terminator etc. but if you think carefully that is really an easy tank.

It takes a genius to come up with a title like PYAASA, KAAGAZ KEY PHOOL, however before coming up with a such a genius title one needs to come up with an ingenious film.

And just for the record, here in Hollywood and Hollywood North (where I am) people just work on a film with a “working title” sometimes as lame as PERIOD FILM or HISTORY PROJECT. The titles are perhaps thought about much after post-production. Lets not lose focus, the film is of prime importance than the title…