Patronage after crime?



Here is an excellent example of blatant patronage to a fraudster. Although Ramalinga Raju has acknowledged “cooking up” of Stayam’s Balance sheets thereby resigning from the company that led to his downfall, these employees find “nothing wrong” in supporting him. What does this signify? That perhaps when you are million-dollar fraudster, you will often be looked upto? I wonder where will these people “stand” if and when Ramalinga Raju and his accomplice get convicted and hopefully see a descent prison term.

When CNN IBN commented on the latest developments of the Satyam scam, the news article that accompanied this picture spoke of everything but the implication or significance of such patronage for a self-acknowledged fraudster by his company employees.

Interestingly enough, one of the placards here says, “With you forever.” I guess with such people to support it would not be difficult to “cook” up balance sheets and siphon off company cash.