Comments on RGV’s ‘Strokes behind Rangeela’

This is written in response to Ram Gopal Varma’s blog on ‘The Strokes behind Rangeela’ a colourful film. Original RGV blog here.

I am glad you wrote about Rangeela, something I was eager to read about, directly from you. In 2005 I was researching on Bioscopes. I wanted to make a documentary on it. Your film ‘Rangeela’ opens with the titles via a Bioscope and then Urmila breaks into the song right after it. I wanted to know more about its significance, i.e. what prompted you to begin the film with a Bioscope? Subsequently, I tried to contact you, spoke to your PRO a number of times to know the same. Unfortunately, I never got a positive reply. I am not sure if he ever mentioned that to you or whether you were simply not interested in replying to my query then. 

However, while you are now opening up, I shall be glad to seek answers to those queries. If you could kindly throw some light on the idea of opening sequence of ‘Rangeela’, specifically beginning from the titles to Urmila’s breaking into the song.

My short film eventually changed completely after I met a wonderful ‘Bioscopewallah’ who dedicated his entire life being a charming entertainer. I finally edited it, excluding all the film clips that i had initially planned to include in my documentary now titled as ‘The Bioscopewallah.’

Thank you for the wonderful ‘insights’ on blogs. It is a brilliant format especially when directors personally contribute and reflect on their filmmaking, its nuances and its aesthetics, something that people in Hollywood could follow.

Good luck,


Prashant Kadam